Best Karaoke Songs


Best Karaoke Songs 

Whether you are planning a party or just want to find the best karaoke songs to work your vocal magic on, take a look at our song lists and see if they give you any new ideas.

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If you are looking to begin building a library of karaoke tracks, you will want to start by selecting the best karaoke songs for your voice and for friends in case you decide to have a karaoke party.  

You can quickly build your library with a great selection of solid standards or the latest TOP 10 Karoke Songs: 

So What is the Best Karaoke Song for You? 

When we are doing our karaoke shows, people often ask me, "What song should I sing?" or "What is the best song for my voice?" 

The answer is very simple: sing the songs you sing best. I know that sounds like a trick answer, but it isn't.  If you are asking what songs you might sing, you most likely want to present a great song to the audience. Therefore, no matter how much you admire Beyonce or Martina McBride, if you cannot hit those notes, I would say their songs are not for your voice.  

That does not mean you could not sing them just for fun - after all that is what karaoke is all about! But, if you are the more serious singer and want to present your best karaoke songs, then choose the songs you sing best! 

See some of my personal favorites listed below and see how you like them!

How do you know what you sing best?

Singing will feel effortless.There will be no straining, screaming, or pushing. If you try to sing songs that are out of your range or that are not in a good key for you, you may damage your voice. The trick is to find several songs that you consider your best karaoke songs. 

I usually divide these into warm-up songs (songs that are super easy that I could sing backwards and forwards any day of the week). Then I have several showcase songs. These are my hardest best karaoke songs, but I don't sing them if I feel like I cannot hit ALL the notes easily. 

Best Karaoke Songs: 10 for Girls

These best Karaoke songs were chosen just because they are fun for girls to sing and are crowd pleasers. This is by no means a finished list, just my personal selections from what I seen over the years at my Karaoke shows. Click on the link to get the karaoke or mp3 versions of these songs and start singing!

1. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
2. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
3. I Will Survive by Gloria Naylor - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
4. U Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
6. Single Ladies by Beyonce - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
7. Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
8. Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Li'l Kim, Pink, and Mya - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
9. Bitch by Meredith Brooks - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only
10. Man, I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain - Karaoke or mp3 instrumental only


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Best Karaoke Songs: 10 for Boys

These are just plain fun to sing! Take a look at the best Karaoke songs for guys. They are all crowd pleasers and get girl's attention. Just ham it up, fellas and you will do great!

1. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
2. Bad to the Bone by  George Thorogood and the Destroyers
3. My Girl by the Temptations
4. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
5. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones
6. Bump N Grind by R. Kelly
7. Don't Stop Believing by Journey
8. Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf
9. Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company
10.Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

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Top Karaoke Songs: 10 Easy

These songs do not require the Karaoke singer to have a wide range or a lot of vocal technique and agility. Also, these are fun songs that most times people will sing along and help you out. These are my Top Karaoke songs in the easy category.

1. Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow
2. Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
3. Like A Virgin by Madonna
4. My Girl by the Temptations
5. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
6. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
7. These Boots Are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra
8. Going the Distance by Cake
9. Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond
10. Gimme One Reason by Tracy Chapman

Top Karaoke Songs: 10 Hard

These are hard to sing well. Anyone can butcher them, but to sing them well requires training in singing hard Karaoke songs. These are my hardest to sing top Karaoke songs. For the best training in singing, check out Singing Success for a complete vocal workout.

1. Back in Black by AC/DC
2. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
3. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses
4. I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
5. Broken Wing by Martina McBride
6. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkston
7. Dream On by Aerosmith
8. Crazy on You by Heart
9. Emotions by Mariah Carey
10. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by the Darkness



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