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How to Make A Karaoke CD


Ever thought it would be impossible to make a Karaoke CD? Do you have an .mp3 or WAV file that would want to turn into a CDG that you can use to play at your favorite Karaoke show or in any Karaoke machine? Or do you want to make a Karaoke CD to practice with on your PC?

No matter what kind of Karaoke CD you need, it's very easy to make one a home when you know what to do with the right tools. This tutorial is written by a karaoke AND computer junkie, so I know all the ins and outs of it. I'm going to explain making your own Karaoke CD in the easiest way!

Looking for copying karaoke cds, burning karaoke cds, or making a karaoke CD by removing vocals instead?

Please note that most CD burners on your average PC are not able to burn CD+G discs due to missing internal firmware. This firmware recognizes files that contain the graphics. That's why if you have tried to copy a Karaoke CD, it didn't work. Your PC's CD drive will readily recognize files of music and data, but not the graphics that are the "lyrics" on the karaoke screen. Some do, most do not.

So to make a Karaoke CD, you have to get around that. One way is to buy a CD drive that's designed to burn CDG or install specialized softwarel on your computer. The drive that a friend of mine bought is a Plextor drive and he was quite satisfied with it. They are easy to find online at MTU.com. Otherwise, you should be able to use software and you can make a Karaoke CD right now.

In this tutorial, we are going to make a Karaoke CD that you can burn on pretty much any CD drive on a PC. My advice is to use the versions of the software first just to make sure though.


Tutorial on How to Make a Karaoke CD

Power Karaoke CD + G Creator

Now that we've got those issues covered, let's start to make those karaoke CDs!

1. Get your .mp3 or WAV file, use the free karaoke page, or use one you already have to make your Karaoke CD.

2. Fire up Karaoke CD+G Creator - (use the trial first) (I will admit, I am biased towards Power Karaoke products because THEY WORK and have great customer service. I have NEVER had a single problem with their software.).

3. Until you are really secure with the program, use the wizard. It's easy and gets the job done.

A picture is worth a thousand words, watch the video for a full explanation and follow step by step on your own computer.

(insert camtasia tutorial here)

(insert instructions for utilizing the .bin file for burning and cdg file for playing on the computer)

Power Karaoke CD + G Creator Wizard Interface









I hope you liked my tutorial on how to make a Karaoke CD. If you have questions or would like other Karaoke related tutorials, drop me an email! I do read and answer them.